Jefferson Cup

The origin of the Jefferson cup can be traced back to a bequest by George Wythe of two small silver cups cast in 1787.  In 1810, Jefferson had them melted down along with two of his own round-bellied mugs to create a more stable, utilitarian set of eight small tumblers.  In the 1830’s, Martha Jefferson Randolph gifted a cup to each of her six children, and one to a grandson.  History holds no record of the fate of the eighth cup back then.  Today, six of the cups survive at Monticello, but where the other two are is a mystery.

Each year, as part of the Constitution Day Dinner Celebration, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida proudly presents a symbolic “Jefferson Cup” to an individual, or individuals.  Honorees are selected for their dedication to Jeffersonian principles of limited government, lower taxes, free and fair markets, and personal freedom and responsibilities, as well as their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America.


Past winners of the Jefferson Cup are:ScottEllisPortrait  2010 – Scott Ellis

TrudieInfantiniPortrait  2011 – Trudie Infantini

ConnieAndJerrySmith  2012 – Connie and Jerry Smith

MarkOMaraPortrait  2013 – Mark O’Mara

JohnHallmanPortrait  2014 – John Hallman

MattNyePortrait  2015 – Matt Nye

2016 – Phil Blumel